The South Carolina Civil Justice Coalition (SCCJC) serves as the united voice for the business community on tort and workers’ compensation issues; coordinating lobbying, legal, grassroots and public relations activities.


In 2005, the South Carolina Civil Justice Coalition successfully lobbied for passage of tort reform resulting in South Carolina’s Hampton County being removed from the American Tort Reform Foundation’s “Judicial Hellholes” list.

The coalition had victories on joint and several liability, venue, statute of repose, and a reduction in the post judgment interest rate.

In 2007, the South Carolina Civil Justice Coalition successfully lobbied for workers’ compensation reform that phased out the Second Injury Fund, corrected six anti-business Workers’ Comp court decisions, provided standards for repetitive trauma claims, allowed rebuttal evidence in certain instances and stream-lined the appellate process.

In 2011, the coalition successfully lobbied for passage of tort reform legislation that, among other items, capped punitive damages, limited circuit solicitors’ ability to hire counsel unless approved in writing by the Attorney General, and set caps on appeals bonds.

And in 2015, the Coalition successfully lobbied for the passage of H.3266 (Act No.65), the Trespasser Responsibility Act, that codifies the common law and its limitations on liability by land possessors and provides exceptions; thereby, protecting landowners from frivolous lawsuits.

This year, during the 2018 Legislative Session, the Coalition will be lobbying for the passage of several tort reform bills, including: Transparency in Private Attorney Contracting, Asbestos Trust Transparency, and Seat Belt Non-Use Admissibility. A more detailed description of these can be found on our Agenda page.